Freestyle Friday: Color Me Statin


I'm in a huge rut. I haven't posted a real article in a few weeks and I have bilirubin to blame. I've sat on this article regarding the Bhutani curve and the evidence behind for almost a month and can't bring myself to get through it. Every time I pull up the papers, I get lost in the data and I frustratingly close all 14 of the tabs on my browser. So I'm scrapping it for the time being and moving on. So hopefully that means I write something semi-informative this upcoming week! Also, some interesting medical news this week with the new cholesterol recommendations. Some food for thought below:

  • Take more statins!
  • Take more statins?
  • A series of iconic black and white photos, now with color. Mark Twain looks like a boss in his picture.
  • Hyperbole and a Half - Amanda's favorite blog in the world (well, I mean after mine of course). Allie Brosh, the blogger, actually had a book event in Seattle this past week that Amanda went to. Allie has an uncanny ability to marriage cute and humor in her drawings.