Freestyle Friday: The Left Fist of Customer Service


As mentioned last week, apologies to the nonexistent massive readership for no blog this past week. The good news though is that I finish up on service this Tuesday! Unfortunately, I go straight to two nights of being the OBR2 to follow that up. So hopefully I can pound something out by then. I'm thinking newborn bilirubin screening. Ok, time for some links.

I got my first win in fantasy football this week for our Swedish League. The reigning champ. The guy who runs the league and podcast. Now... with his first win! Everyone was congratulating me this week which kind of felt pathetic in a heartwarming manner. Something like this video.

  • Yo Comcast, AT&T, FedLoans, CenturyLink - THIS is how you do customer service. 
  • In the esteemed Journal of Experimental Psychology, they found the left fist brings great power to athletes. Left fist all day from now on for my jump shots. 
  • Take this test to see how well you see color. Nothing witty.
  • Finally, look at all of these anatomical drawings from back in the day. Their understanding of medicine nearly 200 years ago is still better than mine.