Freestyle Friday: Mind Over Matter


Freestyle Fridays are my favorite links from the past week, medical or not. Mainly it's a way of sharing all the reddit links I don't want to bombard facebook with. The title comes from 106 & Park's Freestyle Fridays which are historically near and dear to my heart (check out one of Jin's videos below, classic). Hopefully it gives you a break from the monotony of medicine/work.

  • UW Researchers take one step closer to Armageddon
  • I was in the ISCU a couple weeks back and was fortunate enough to take care of a newborn with Ectrodactyly. I decided to read more on it and came across this amazing Korean pianist Hee Ah Lee. Puts me to shame. 
  • Chuck Norris bare handing a chainsaw - aka me trying to prevent my patient from going under the scalpel for C-section. 
  • Dog head - people say you start to look like who you're married to. Well what about dogs you love?
  • Finally, catch some classic Jin action below