Freestyle Friday: Cats Keep a Messy Desk

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Pretty good week so far - two Seahawk wins since the last blog, done with OBR2 nights (although they were pretty nice I have to say), and a free weekend. My mind is devoid of anything else to really talk about so let's just get to business.

  • Girl calls cops with home invasion - by a spider. My favorite part was "you just want someone to come out and kill it?" in an apathetic tone.
  • A lecture in American junk food history. This week, Nacho Cheese Doritos
  • Best cat gifs in history. My favorites are 16, 29, and 30. 
  • Glasses for those with color blindness.  (Feel free to send some $$ my way enchroma for all the heavy traffic I'm sending your way).
  • Finally, apparently all the "greats" kept a messy desk. Makes sense because I always keep my desk clean :-/